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I'm glad you're here! We will follow some steps so that soon we can receive you at LAMAQ.

First of all, it is important to know that LAMAQ is a research laboratory, our working environment, where necropsies and dissections of animals that run aground on the beach are performed. Here there is also a maceration tank, which is part of the process of preparing the bones for our scientific collection. So, you can already imagine the very characteristic smell, right? It is not by chance that we are a little removed from the Biology center!

LAMAQ is located near the entrance to the Córrego Grande neighborhood in Florianópolis, right in front of UFSC's Central Animal Farm.    Clicking here     you can see the map in more detail.

Despite the smell, I guarantee that the visit is worth it! And we do our best to improve the situation, avoiding stripping activities before scheduled visits, opening doors and windows to ventilate the environment and, when necessary, we welcome you outside for the theoretical part.

The visits are guided by LAMAQ researchers and last about 30 minutes. During that time we talked about our work routine, about the biology of aquatic mammals and showed some of the materials from our scientific collection . It is a remarkable experience for all ages!

We have a limit on the number of people we can receive at a time, but when they are very large classes we usually organize ourselves in partnership with other Biology laboratories, so that half the class visits each Laboratory at a time. Let's talk to plan together the best experience for your group!

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